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Lunch Menu

Friday, Sept. 23

Chicken Sandwich or Sandwich, fries, corn on cob, salad bar, fruit

Monday, Sept. 26

Grilled chicken or Sandwich, roll, cream potatoes, broccoli, salad bar,
fruit bar

Tuesday, Sept. 27

Hamburger steak or Sandwich, roll, roast potatoes, green beans, salad
bar, fruit bar

Wednesday, Sept. 28

Chicken Casserole or Sandwich, roll, okra, salad bar, fruit bar

Thursday, Sept. 29

Spaghetti or Sandwich, roll, Calif. Medley, salad bar, fruit bar

Friday, Sept. 30

Hot dog or sandwich, chips, salad bar, fruit bar


Monday, October 3

Chicken tenders, roll, cream potatoes, green beans


Tuesday, October 4

Chicken fried rice, roll, broccoli


Wednesday, October 5

Vegetable soup, corn bread muffins with cheese toast


Thursday, October 6

Chicken alfredo, roll, California medley


Friday, October 7

BBQ sandwich, fries, corn on the cob


Thursday, October 13

Chicken and wide noodles, roll, green beans


Friday, October 14

Hot dog, fries, baked beans


Monday, October 17

Grilled chicken tenders, roll, cream potatoes, corn


Tuesday, October 18

Taco, pinto beans, Mexican rice


Wednesday, October 19

Chicken tortilla soup with cheese toast


Thursday, October 20

Spaghetti, roll, green beans


Friday, October 21

Bacon hamburger and chips, corn on the cob


Monday, October 24

Chicken parmesan, cream potatoes, okra


Tuesday, October 25

Breakfast bar


Wednesday, October 26

Chicken noodle soup and crackers


Thursday, October 27

Beef and wide noodles


Friday, October 28

Chicken sandwich, fries, baked beans


Monday, October 31

Chicken fingers, cream potatoes, field peas





*Students may choose a ham or turkey sandwich and chips in place of the meat and potatoes from the hot bar. When a student purchases a sandwich and chips, a vegetable will be added from the hot bar and the student is still able to get food from the fruit and salad bars.

Please remember that because of availability of product, the menu may be changed.

Thank you for understanding.

We will have a salad bar that can be used by those purchasing a hot meal or a sandwich/ wrap. The days we have baked potatoes can be either sweet or Idaho potatoes. We will have fresh fruit out each day at lunch for the students.

Need to add to your child's lunch account? You may send a check with your child's name on it or you may go to and register your child in order to add money.)

If you have any questions, please email or phone me at 256-442-7457, ext. 2310.