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Teacher Directory

Name Email Address Position
Dale Adams Drivers Ed
Anna Barnes Music Teacher
Heather Blevins  Counselor
Beth Blisard  Discovery
Kelly Brown  4K
Kelly Buchanan 5K
Esther Bunt 5th Grade
Christina Burgess Middle School History
Grant Campbell IT Technician
Andrea Cook 1st Grade
Candice Crow STEM
Tee Croyle High School Math
Danny Dunlap Soccer Coach
Samantha Dutton 5K
Kathy Echeverri Spanish
Greg Edge Middle School Math
Belinda Edwards Discovery
Suzanne Edwards High School Math
Shane Ellison High School Science
Brooke Finlayson High School English
Seth Ford PE/Basketball Coach
Larry Fuhrman Bible Teacher
Andrea Gallman Administrative Assistant
Jenny Gallman Resource
Amanda Greer 6th Grade
Cindy Greer Educational Consultant
Lynda Hall 1st Grade
Taryn Hall 2nd Grade
Sandra Handley Elementary Administrator
Beth Hill Middle School English
Jan Hill Resource
Shana Hill  3K Teacher
Lauren Holt High School English
Mary Humphries 4th Grade
Brandy James 1st Grade
Betty Jones 5th Grade
Jessica Jones Middle School Math
Kristi Justice Bookkeeper 
Bobbie Keenum English Advisor
Laura Keith Bible Teacher
Kristin Kell CFO
Kelly Kemp 4K
Sharon Lancaster Elementary Librarian
Amy Legg Administrative Assistant
Gina Lockridge 4K
Sydney Malone Middle School Science
Denise Mattison PE/Volleyball Coach
Karla McArthur High School English
Josiah McCarty Computer
Robert McCary Maintenance
Miriam McDonald Art
Debra McKinley Resource
Meredith Miller High School Math
Christina Mooney Computer
Kelly Morton

Ashley Nailer 4th Grade
Rachel Neal Administrator
Romy Nolen 3rd Grade
Drew Noles Assistant Principal
Cindy Norman 4th Grade
Andrea Oliver 6th Grade
Mary Oliver Resource
Holly Ostendorf Science
Betsy Parden School Nurse
Tara Patterson 6th Grade
Chad Phillips Strength Coach
Marti Potter 4K Transition
Mike Prater SRO Officer
Garrett Rule Head of Maintenance
Mark Sanders Health
Kellilyn Sechrest High School English
Cindy Self High School Math
Carrie Sims

2nd Grade
Janna Smith Middle/High School Librarian
Frances Stewart Counselor
Michael Stewart High School Math
Cailin Stone High School History
Mike Stonecypher Middle School English
Kerri Thomson 3K
Lydia Thrift Resource
Michelle Usry 3rd Grade
Stephanie Wagner High School History
Jeannie Williams Lunchroom Manager
Jerry Windle Baseball Coach
Lauren Wright Communications & Admissions
Stephanie Wright 3K
Yunona Yaeger 5th Grade